Toddler Room

Our toddler room caters for children from the age of approximately 18 months to 2 ½ years.

The staff work closely with the children to help them learn essentials such as colours, shapes and counting as well as social interaction with their peers. Toddlers whilst full of fun and mischief, need clear boundaries and we put these in place whilst also maintaining a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Toddlers love to learn and we help them do this with lots of group activities such as singing, dancing and group reading. We make use of our outdoor space every day in all weathers so we ask that parents provide warm coats, hats and gloves in winter and sun cream and sun hats in summer.

Our toddlers love to get messy and we enjoy getting out the paint, glue and even soap flakes so that they can create their own masterpiece.

When it’s time for a nap each toddler has their own sleep mat and bedding and soothing music is played to help them drift off into a happy relaxed sleep.

Eating is done at a communal table and the toddlers are encouraged to help themselves to the dishes on offer which have been freshly prepared by our cook. We provide breakfast, lunch and tea along with snacks morning and afternoon so your little one never gets too hungry. Water is always freely available.

For those of our toddlers who are ready we work alongside parents with potty training. Fun books are read and role play with teddies and dolls carried out to encourage the children to use the potty and toilet.

Each toddler has a folder showing what development milestones they have met along with photographs and written records of the exciting things they have done and learnt. Parents are encouraged to add to these with their own photographs and details of things they have done with their child.