Pre-School Room

Our pre-school room caters for children from around 2 ½ until they leave us to go to school and is set out more like a classroom to help prepare the children for this.

We have a large range of equipment, books and toys to help the children continue with their learning and development and also offer additional classes such as French to stretch them further. Equipment including a computer, dressing up outfits, musical instruments and messy items such as clay and dough is provided to give a wide range of experimental and stimulating options to the children.

We recognise each child as an individual and encourage them to develop their own potential whilst also trying to include activities in their daily play which help with their strengths and weaknesses.

We also include (with parents’ permission) supervised trips to places such as the library, play centres and children’s farms to enable them to learn about other environments and different ways of life.

Our pre-school children enjoy eating meals together including setting the table and serving their own food. When possible, we also engage in baking sessions where they learn how to make buns and cakes and decorate biscuits. Unfortunately, the results have often been eaten before the children are collected by you!