Baby Room

Our baby room caters for children aged from 6 weeks to approximately 18 months. It is designed to provide a calm and caring atmosphere where babies can learn and grow. It is a fun environment where we share lots of giggles and hugs and cuddles.

The quiet end of the room is carpeted and cots and sleep mats provide baby choice on where they like to sleep. Each child has their own bedding which is washed daily. There is also a baby swing and bouncy chairs – also favourites for those times when baby needs a little snooze. We do try and be flexible so we will always try and cater for any special requests from parents.

There are lots of big cushions for snuggling on, perhaps to look at a book with our baby room staff of to explore a treasure box full of exciting objects. We also have a wide range of books and toys available and set these out at the children’s level so they can decide themselves what they wish to play with. The selection of toys is designed to help with the baby’s development so they are always learning whilst they are playing.

The other end of the room has a cushioned vinyl floor to allow for messy play and eating. The tough spot might have jelly in it for exploring or maybe it’s full of shaving foam. In our experience babies love sticking their fingers and toes and sometimes other bits of their body in goo! We do ask that parents provide at least one full change of clothes for instances like this.

As we all know it is extremely important to introduce healthy nutritious food to children at an early age and our kitchen provides freshly prepared meals each day. These can be pureed or mashed as appropriate for our babies. We have a selection of high chairs or a low table and chairs which we find the children prefer to eat at when they are big enough.

We will always support you in your child’s feeding development by following your baby’s feeding routine including using baby milk provided by you in bottles and moving on to the weaning process when you feel your child is ready. We can also accommodate special dietary requests.

Each baby has a folder recording their development milestones and our observations as well as photographs and dates of any special moments that they have reached such as first steps. Parents are welcome to look at these at any time and are invited to add to the folders with photos of the family sharing special times or with details of a particular experience they have shared.